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Speed Demon Style: Wahoo Short Sleeve

Embody the spirit of the Wahoo with our Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt, a standout piece of the Angler’s Collection. This sun shirt is for the angler who matches the Wahoo in speed and ferocity, offering unmatched UV protection without weighing you down. Its lightweight design ensures you can move as fast as your prey, while the durable fabric stands up to the rigors of high-speed pursuits. Slip into this shirt, and let your fishing apparel be as dynamic and formidable as the Wahoo itself.


Sun Protective Clothing: Ultimate UPF 50+ Protection

UPF 50+ Active Gear: Lightweight and robust, our Solar Performance line delivers top UV protection for any adventure.

PURE-TECH Moisture-Wicking: Keep cool with our durable fabric offering lifetime moisture control for all activities.

M-SHIELD Freshness: Natural Zinc-based M-SHIELD technology ensures our clothes remain fresh and odor-free, extending garment life.

All-Season Apparel: Versatile and suitable for any weather, our sun protective clothing is an essential part of your wardrobe.

Durable Multi-Use: Our gear is tough enough for water and land adventures, providing long-lasting sun safety.

Easy Maintenance: Quick-drying and machine washable, our UV apparel stays vibrant and performs wash after wash.

Superior Fabric Quality: Resistant to fading, our clothes maintain their color and quality longer than standard options.

Size Guide: To find the best size for your UV Shirt, measure under the arm across the front of your chest, click here for size guide.

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UPF 50+ Performance Shirt Short Sleeve Crew


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