Key West Sun Shirts – I Boated Early x 2 – UPF 50+ Long Sleeve


Double the Statement, Double the Style

With the “I Boated Early” UV Long Sleeve, your love for the open waters and a hint of political awareness is showcased on both sides. Offering sun protection and a relaxed Key West vibe, it’s a clear message: “I care, but the sea beckons from all angles.” Boat early, Boat often!


Sun Protective Clothing: Ultimate UPF 50+ Protection

UPF 50+ Active Gear: Lightweight and robust, our Solar Performance line delivers top UV protection for any adventure.

PURE-TECH Moisture-Wicking: Keep cool with our durable fabric offering lifetime moisture control for all activities.

M-SHIELD Freshness: Natural Zinc-based M-SHIELD technology ensures our clothes remain fresh and odor-free, extending garment life.

All-Season Apparel: Versatile and suitable for any weather, our sun protective clothing is an essential part of your wardrobe.

Durable Multi-Use: Our gear is tough enough for water and land adventures, providing long-lasting sun safety.

Easy Maintenance: Quick-drying and machine washable, our UV apparel stays vibrant and performs wash after wash.

Superior Fabric Quality: Resistant to fading, our clothes maintain their color and quality longer than standard options.

Size Guide: To find the best size for your UV Shirt, measure under the arm across the front of your chest, click here for size guide.

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UPF 50+ Performance Shirt Long Sleeve Crew


Key West Sun Shirts

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